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Currently to access and manage xenserver cluster you need a xencenter installed in a windows system.

This could be a limitation for the users of linux and mac

Meanwhile you can access vmware exsi servers and also manage the clusters of vcenter via http

To overcome this limitation you can use the XCP hypervisor

XCP is open source hypervisor based on XenServer.

  1. Download the XCP-ng

  1. Install the xcp-center for windows systems to access the XCP hypervisors

  1. To manage the xenservers from Web-UI you need download the xen orchestra

login and create an account to download the xva file (xenserver based virtual appliance)!/xo-home

Once XVA file you can import it xencenter as a appliance

For web login

https:// xva appliance ip

Default user is with admin as a password.

If you want to connect to the appliance via SSH or console, the default credentials are: • user: xoa • password: xoa

To set a password for the appliance

Now all this is fine but you still need a xcp-center and windows system to access it via http

Convert the XVA image into OVA image.

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